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You Will Come Across Many Dj Companys in Cardiff and South Wales stating that they are Professional wedding Djs and offer the best service etc etc.


Usually THEY have plenty of pictures on their website showing their equipment / but maybe a few pictures with people dancing and no real atmosphere.

We believe all the information you need to make an informed decision is on our website to make your initial booking,

We then offer a full consultation a month before your wedding if you want one, we find this is really the best time to meet, by this time you will have all your schedule`s for the day in order, and you will have made up your mind on all your music choices etc.

For some weddings all information required is sent to us via email, and for some we will come and meet you, it is up to you and we don`t mind either way.

Vital Questions you should ask every Dj you might be considering for entertainment for the biggest day of Your Lives !

How many weddings have you worked at ?

We have performed at hundreds of weddings and have proof of this.

If your Dj has not performed at many wedding`s, it is likely that their Lack Of Experience will

affect your function at some point.

It`s not EASY to get people Dancing and keeping a Dance floor full at wedding functions, it take`s years of djing at Weddings to Perfect this skill.

If you are considering booking a wedding DJ WHO HAS PERFORMED AT less than 200 Weddings your taking a big risk for the entertainment for your big day, no matter how good they say they are or testimonials IF REAL on their website might state they are.

Have you got actual pictures of the equipment you will use for my wedding ?

We have lots of pictures on our website of the equipment we use.

There are lots of company`s who will try and sell you there services with websites saying that they use state of the art equipment etc, the truth is that most are using old fashioned setups and that`s why they`ve not got any pictures of the actual equipment they will use for your wedding to show you.

Do you bring BACKUP equipment ?

We always bring backup equipment with us incase of any technical issues ,

Can you provide references from past client`s ?

We can provide references from previous client`s and also from Management at venue`s we work for on a regular basis.

Beware of Djs trying to sell Gimmicks with their services !

THE ONES WHO OFFER silly games, blow-up instruments and other gaudy or tacky items !!

These are usually thing`s you really don`t need at your wedding but it makes their price look more attractive, i.e. arcade machines, so called professional photography taken by the Dj etc.

Party Props / Wigs etc - your guests will get bored of all of these after about 20mins,then you might realise the Dj you hired to entertain and play music your guests would like to dance to has not got the skills required and your dance floor could be empty most of the night !!!

Please see our Wedding Page at this link for more information.